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Monday, October 31, 2011

November State of Mind

Somehow, November gets a bad rap. People are hesitant to tackle a new project. Thanksgiving and Christmas are looming and we feel that it is just a busy time of year. The truth is, Thanksgiving is just one day out of the month and even if you are traveling that week-end, 25 days of November are still open for a new adventure, a new vision, a new business.

Don't let the world dampen your desire for a new lease on life. Just change your paradigm. I have several close friends who are left-brained, get-er-done types. I thank God for them. They always have a way of seeing the end result and forging ahead to completion. Don't be a product of someone else's doomed-before-you-start attidude. Yes, you can do hard things.

Our October class just ended and, as often happens... the attendees become close friends and leave on a high note... almost euphoric sometimes. It's important, girls, to keep going and let the momentum carry you through the mundane business necessities in the beginning of any new venture. But YOU CAN DO IT!!!!

Choose your friends carefully when you need to stay motivated. Listen to the right voices. Give more, be more, do more... have more.
As Oprah once said, "We give the world our best and we expect the best in return. When we create an atmosphere of excellence, we become a product of that environment. An organized office and a beautiful home respects the very important person who lives there... YOU!"

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Staged Home Pictures...

Don't you love this time of year? Our October class just staged this beautiful home. What fun! Because we are a coastal city, we usually play up natural waterfront lifestyle living in our listings when we can.
This intracoastal neighborhood home reflects the atmosphere so desired by buyers coming to this area. The colors were streamlined and all extraneous art and accessories were removed. The view is the art.

This homeowner already had many accessories. We chose all the ones that stayed in our color family and repeated the coastal theme. The homeowner had a lovely navigational chart of the area waterways framed for the breakfast area. You can find charts at your local marine supply stores. I recall once using beautiful brown fish netting under a composition of appetizer plates and wine glasses for a beach house. Sugar starfish and palmetto branches completed the table.

The furniture in this home was repositioned to expose the two focal points... the pool and the 2-story fireplace. Large pieces came out of the siteline from the front door. Captivating!

The master bedroom is always an important space. This room just needed to be neutralized and the art was changed out. Very soothing and inviting, don't you agree?
This home looks like its ready for Coastal Living Magazine. 

Lifestyle staging, which is a favorite segment in our class, includes adding touches that reflect things they will enjoy doing in the house... like entertaining friends at the bar with a cool glass of wine. Sometimes we will stage a family room overlooking the intracoastal marsh or the St. John's River with binoculars and a book about local birds. In a recent Ponte Vedra Blvd. beach house, we put the homeowners collection of sharks teeth in a lovely crystal dish and placed it in a prominate place.

We also like to add some atmosphere reflecting the current season to the front door area. Someone passing by is more likely to be tempted to see what treats are in store behind the closed doors.                         
Join us next time for another tour of a Transformations Staged Home.