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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

10 MUST HAVE Designer Apps

Dear Friends and Family, 

As some of you know, my sweet, 92 year-old Dad fell asleep on January 26th and woke up in heaven. He was not sick or uncomfortable. It was his time. I am thankful all of us could be there with him. Thank you all for the notes, cards and phone calls.

For my message to the funeral attendees... click on Family News page above.

*Last week, we got the notification that we won the Best of Houzz for 2013 through 2014. The official badge will be up on the website by this week-end. We are so pleased to be chosen from the 16 million profiles on Houzz in the design and staging industries. 

* I promised a short commentary/report on new staging and design apps for your smart phone or iPad.

          1. Trip Log - This app is my favorite, so far. It logs your mileage and puts in the beginning and ending addresses for you. It uses a GPS system. LOVE it!!

          2. Dragon Dictation App - You speak into the phone and it types your message. This is the best way to record notes for your staging reports, which can be lengthy. I use it for my newsletters and for recording notes on the go. Indispensible tool for our industry.

          3. i Handy Level - This is the most accurate picture hanging level I have ever used. Try it.

          4. Scanner Pro - I was just getting ready to buy an expensive scanner, mainly for receipts. Then I found this handy app that does everything that I need for recording my many receipts. 

          5. Pages - This allows me to e-mail large documents without my computer. Now, I don't need to travel with my laptop anymore. I can do it all from my iPad.

          6. Register Square - Now my clients can pay with a credit card from my iPhone. It comes in handy if you sell books or CDs at a conference.

          7. i Measure - This is a great substitute for an actual tape measure. 

          9. Audible - This app allows you to upload books to listen to while traveling. Since I added it to my phone last year, I've listened to an additional 20 business books.

          10. Keynote - This app allows you to create and show power point presentations from your iPad. Great for before and after pictures on consultations.

These are my top ten favorites. I'm sure there are many more that are useful. What are your favorites? I'll add them to the list for next month. E-mail App Suggestions

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Award from HOUZZ for 2014 and other news...

We are happy to announce that we have just received the HOUZZ 2014 award for customer satisfaction. Yay!!! Thank you to all our wonderful clients and student grads who made this possible.

Also, this Power Point includes the pictures from several of our most recent Vacant Staging Projects.

Vacant Staging Pictures

Remodeling and Home Design