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Monday, December 19, 2016

Merry Christmas Gifts for You

Merry Christmas and Happy 2017

Is your spouse looking for a life-changing gift for you? Do you need a significant discount for this to be an option for you?

I have a gift for you. A box of our newest manuals came back with a couple of typos not corrected. I can't return them. We are getting rid of them with a crazy half-price sale on the online certification Staging/Redesign class. See sale details below...

The entire class is now accessible through a Members Only portal. The $750 regular price is reduced to $375 till the boo boo manuals are gone. (Unless you are an English teacher, you might not even spot the typos.) 

The class includes a download of our CD Power Point presentation for realtors or homeowners and all the latest contracts and invoice templates. We are adding the latest 2016 (with a few typos) copy of the manual till they are gone. 

Also, the entire class has been video recorded, so it's like sitting in the actual class. 

We also have an option for former students to take advantage of this new, easy online format to brush up on skills and see all the new videos and download all contract and form updates for $100. If you took the class before this January 2016, a lot is new. New videos and advanced material will be added as we develop it. This will pay for your membership for the next 2 years. ~ That's about $4.50 a month for complete access to all things new, now and in the future. Email me for the Pay Pal invoice form to pay for access.

 SALE - 1/2 off Staging/Redesign Online Class - Value $750  
$375 total price (Yike! No Kidding!)
   * Complete Online Staging/Redesign Certification Class value - $750
         Instant access to all but shipped items 2016 Manual
     - (Price applies till we are sold out of manuals)

Email me for the Pay Pal invoice to order your certification class. Pay Pal has an option to finance the charge for 6 months without interest.

$375 for the Online Certification Class till the manuals are gone. Does not apply to previous orders.


Also, let me know if you are interested in any of our early 2017 Jacksonville classes. They are filling up quickly. The students are coming from as far away as California, Idaho, Bermuda and Canada.