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Saturday, August 30, 2014

Our House and New Stats

I have a feeling you want to know the story about our house. Did we sell it? You'll never guess what happened! 

Hubby and I sat down with a trusted realtor friend and she asked us a few questions.  She then stated confidently, "You don't really want to move, do you?" Hubby and I looked at each other and we both said "no" at the same time. We had looked at houses, planning to downsize and simplify. We never saw anything that we really liked. We weighed all the pros and cons and just couldn't justify moving at this time. Plus, we love all the changes that we made in the process. It was a great learning experience!

I am more convinced than ever that you cannot stage your own house!!

Back to my main topic...

 I hope you like math. This is about numbers or stats.

I focus a lot of attention on the training school and my existing design clients. But a number of students were curious about our staging jobs. So, I have made a list for you with some of the details included. It tells an amazing story about the value of our services. Starting back to earlier in the year + one house from late '13. I didn't count that one in my stats.

~24726 Misty Lake, Marsh Landing, 4 showings in 2 days with 2 offers, contract for 98% of full price, pictures on my HOUZZ profile

~13874 Ibis Point, Vacant listing, not updated, green carpeting, sold 30 days after staging

~1652 Norton Hill Dr, Oueens Harbour, Priced $20,000 higher than comparables and still sold to the 1st person to see it

~7533 Royal Crest, Vacant with accessories only, sold in 30 days after staging

~13457 Troon Trace, Queens Harbour, didn't sell for a about 4 months but fetched the highest price per sq.ft. for comparable homes

~1503 Avondale Avenue, 4 showings the 2 days after listing, full price contract, pictures on my HOUZZ profile
                                Avondale House
~11401 Portside, 70's waterfront canal home, not updated, sold in 30 days

~1736 Indian Springs, Sold in 30 days after staging

~12853 Julington Forest, Vacant, cool home but smoker + dogs, ionizer got rid of smell, sold in a week

~3822 Painted Bunting Way, Pablo Bay, sold to first person who saw it

~3591 Shady Woods, Pablo Bay, sold to 2nd person who saw it after staging

~2100 Ocean Blvd., Vacant oceanfront condo, owner hoped to sell in 3 months, we had an contract in 10 days, pictures on my HOUZZ profile

~8470 Lynda Sue, Vacant 60's house, updated, sold in 30 days

~2183 Hovington, Older dated home, sold in 1 week

~233 Candlebark, Sold to first person who saw it, 4 showings scheduled after pictures went online, cash offer

~1003 Mystic Harbor, Vacant on the market 60 days, then staged, sold in a week

~1850 Sutton Lakes, Vacant, 3 showings, sold in 72 hours

~8060 Cypress Hollow Ct. Marsh Landing, This was a staging report for a fellow stager's home. He did all the work. I didn't add it to my stats. It was priced high for the neighborhood comparables but still sold in 4 days.  Congrats Danny Hanson! You did a fabulous job.

With all the numbers, the average Days On the Market (DOM) is 28. The Duval county average for 2014, so far is 82. Our DOM average is 3 times faster than the stats for our area. Since the first markdowns are usually after 30 days and certainly after 60 days, we save the homeowner 5 to 10% of home value, at least, not to mention the massive expenses involved for a vacant home. 

The cost of staging can be 1/4 to 1/2% of home value for an occupied home or 1/2 to 1% for a vacant home with furniture, art & accessories added.

We did a lot of staging reports or verbal evaluations, which start at $150. Our results were quite good with just the report. So, everyone can afford a staging service.

We had 2 houses that sat around longer than we would have liked but it was usually because the house was over-priced or the homeowner didn't do all that  was recommended. If I take them out of the equation, my results are 15 DOM average.

I hope this shines a light into the value of our services. Agents, if you are not recommending staging to your clients, you are a little bit crazy.


I hope you are all doing well. I am so grateful for those of you who take the time to read the newsletter. You are truly good friends.