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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Listed Sunday, 4 Showings Monday, 2 Offers Tuesday

I was in my October class a few days ago talking about the 3 different staging jobs from the week before. This e-mail came in from one of the homeowners:
I put the house on the MLS on Sunday afternoon, had 4 showings on Monday got two contracts on Tuesday signed one today for $780,000.
Thanks for all your help.  People thought the house was beautiful!"

To tell you the truth, I was almost as happy as he was. It was 99% of asking price. I love it.
Here are some of the pics...

This was the dining room. The walls are faux finished with a hint of gold.
Dreamy living room with a view of the marsh.
                                                                           Another shot of the living room
There are panoramic water views beyond the patio.

The front photos of the house were not that impressive. We had the homeowner put pumpkins, mums and crotons around the entrance. We took a gamble and used that photo on the MLS instead of the usual curb shot. Obviously, it worked to get 4 showings on the first day. Take a look.

Quote that I love: "There is in every true woman's heart a spark of heavenly fire that lies dormant in the broad light of prosperity; but which kindles up, beams and blazes in the dark hour of adversity." Washington Irving
I sent this quote to my daughter-in-law, Beth, yesterday. She is visiting one of her best friends whose Mom, Lynn, had just passed away that day. Lynn was also Beth's mom's best friend. It's never easy to lose your mom.
Last night the full moon made a spectacular illumination in the October sky. It was like daylight in my front yard. That enormous moon shone like a spark of heavenly fire. I told my daughter-in-law that it was like a sign from God that Lynn's spirit is beaming and blazing through the moon.
I think God is speaking to us all the time. Most people never tune into His frequency. In times like this, He turns up the volume. You can hear Him if you listen with your heart.
Thank you so much, for reading the blog. You are appreciated.