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Saturday, March 5, 2016

Are They Cheating on You?

                    Picture from Better Homes & Gardens

Are They Cheating on You?
A number of years ago, I attended a continuing education class for designers where I learned the shocking truth that after 5 years, over 50% of our loyal clients end up leaving us to go to a competitor. GASP! For realtors, 80% of people say they would use their realtor again but only 20% actually do. Why is that!!

The survey/study results indicated that 68% of people who leave their designer, stager or realtor are choosing someone else because of perceived indifference. That is certainly not the impression we want to leave with our clients.  How do we keep that from happening? 

TOMA- Top of Mind Awareness
Business stats tell us that the cost is 5 times greater to acquire new clients than it is to keep our existing ones. What can we do to keep our valuable relationships flourishing and thriving?

We teach our staging students to write thank you notes and call their clients every 6 months. "I was driving through your neighborhood recently and thought of you. Let's have lunch sometime." We also encourage everyone to send out newsletters or blog posts. You are reading this, aren't you? Constant communication tells the recipients that you care about them. I do love you all, by the way!!!

Are you sick of hearing about Face Book engagement? Get over it! FB has never been more relevant. One of my realtor friends, who crushes it in Jacksonville told me recently that FB was her only marketing plan. She has 1500 friends and posts about fishing, boating and life in Jacksonville. That's pretty easy.
                       Picture from Better Homes and Gardens
Personally, I recently started doing occasional FB boosts and ads for my business page. I like to talk about coastal decorating ideas. The ads are really reasonable. After spending about $75 on 2 $25 ads and several $5 boosts, my likes went from 250 to 750. Isn't that crazy!! You can target your ads to the perfect audience.  I still don't post as often as I should but it's so worth the time it takes.

Another tip... use pictures and videos on posts and newsletters. People are lazy and don't want to read a lot of text. Are you still there? I hope so. Post pictures and stories about your area. 

Please like us on FB (link under my picture on the left) and watch for the kind of posts we create. I hope I am creating TOMA - Top of Mind Awareness- because I truly value and appreciate each and every one of you.
                             Picture for Better Homes and Gardens
Thank you for joining us on this adventure. The world of staging is exploding all over the country.