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Monday, November 9, 2015

Who are your 5 Best Friends

Happy Fall, You All!!!

We just returned from a few days in the mountains for the leaf change. It always inspires me when I get a change of scenery. The artistic talent in and around the Asheville area amazes me. Artistic people seem to be drawn to each other. They mentor one another. They flourish and grow when surrounded by such beauty and talent. Is there something we can learn from them? 

Who are your mentors? Who is influencing your career? They say that your income will be the average of your 5 best friends. When I heard this years ago, I remember thinking, " I need new friends!!"

Seriously, I was fortunate to have been influenced by many encouraging people over the span of my business career.

         My Sisters (who are my mentors and friends)

Someone sent this wonderful quote to me many years ago when I wanted to give up my dream of small business ownership. It speaks to the importance of meeting with mentors and friends who are much further along in their journey than you are. 

"You are co-creator of my future; that which my eyes have not yet seen but my heart knows when it is seen.

You are a dream maker; an ambassador of beauty drawing forth that which flourishes in the depths of my heart but that which I quickly forget.

You are my permission to live in a space that supports my soul.

You are my soul sister, my soul brother who stands by me and for me to reveal my heart and wrap me in physical expression.

You are my voice that I've always wanted but didn't know the language to speak.

You are my courage to stay the course.

You are my angel, the "master connector" gathering the perfect materials and people to build my dream.

You hold super powers; "agent of dreams", "creative prodigy", "problem solving phenomenon", and "masterful Intuit" that make sense of what I'm saying and not saying creating something better than I ever imagined.

Although I looked together and tough, you noticed I was scared. Scared to stand in my highest Self. Scared that something or someone might hijack my most precious longings.

Thank you for seeing me without making a fuss. Thank you for taking my hand, for guiding me, for showing me, for teaching me, for leading me through this process and being gentle and patient with me on this journey to my awakening."

Thank you to Janice E., Janice M., John M., Mary B., Cyndi R., Susan D., Ann G., Sandra M., Judy S., and many others who offered encouragement along the way. You are the reason I am where I am today.

(I don't know where this passage originated but if you recognize the quote, I'd love to credit the author.)

By the way, the cute house I mentioned  in the last newsletter sold in 8 days for full price. Yay!! A happy investor is planning the next house. You can read about it in the blog, if you missed it. 
I am so grateful for those of you who take the time to read the newsletter. You are truly good friends. Have a beautiful day.

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