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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Three Questions I Get Asked Frequently...

Three questions I get asked frequently:

What kind of people are taking the staging /redesign class?

How are some of the graduates doing now?

What are some of their websites?

1. Let me profile some of the unique and exceptional people who have decided to get certified by Transformations.

*Amy Maynor is mainly a wife and mom but also a property manager who has a lot of experience rehabbing and flipping luxury homes. She produced two successful shows for HGTV in the early years of that network.

*Jaima Brown Emmert is an international fabric and wallpaper designer from Chicago and Naples. Her blog is a favorite in the design world. Jaime Brown Home is the name of her company.

*Angelia Savage, a former Miss Florida, flipped luxury homes in New York City and the Cayman Islands. She worked for Donald Trump.

*Fran Gunner of San Diego is in the process of starring in her own HGTV reality show. She is an artist and stager/redesigner.

*Three people from different Pottery Barn's design teams have joined us for classes.

 2. Some of the students are making great strides in the staging/redesign world.

*Kim Osborne is the owner of VIP Staging and Home Management in Jacksonville. She employs a team of four who coordinate all her projects. Her business is growing rapidly. Her lead designer, Becky Quaid, is also a graduate of Transformations.

*Royce Koury is a stager and interior designer in Raleigh, North Carolina. She also has clients in Florida and Las Vegas.

*Randa Clark is an interior designer and stager from Chicago who specializes in design for those with chemical sensitivities.

*Sandra Millis of Southern Comfort Redesign does a lot of staging for property managers and furnishes models for one of our top builders here in Jacksonville.

*Yvonne McClure in Pennsylvania broke our record for the highest paying staging job, so far... $10,000 for labor alone.

First impressions are crucial not just with homes but also websites. Your website can make or break a staging career. Here are a few student grads websites. Compare them to the average stager's site:


Of course, most of our students are SAH moms, retired teachers, nurses, agents, artists... you name it. Anyone can tap into their creative side and learn to be a stager or redesigner. It's a wonderful way to make a living. So long, for now...