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Thursday, August 4, 2016

Vacant Staging is Killing It

                                         Vacant Staging, Dining Room

 I don't want to brag, but we've been killing it in our vacant staging department. Two problem houses were staged recently with our minimum priced packages. One was in San Jose and had 11 different types of floors. The other one was in Queens Harbour right next door to Wonderwood Expresway. :(
                                             Living Room

Even great staging can't camouflage these serious challenges. They had both been on the market for a very long time before I got the call. I was sure these two houses would wreck my stats. But, they both sold within a few weeks.

 I am continually amazed at the value of our services. The agents were at the end of the listing period and we saved the day. Yay!! And kudos to agents who recognize the value of staging.
Another house, got 5 offers the first day, 2 for full price and one person offered to go up to $15,000 over asking. Two people wrote sob story letters why they had to have that house. Are people BEGGING to buy your house?? 
                                                Guest Bath

AGENTS: Please send us out on a free staging consultation! 90% of the time, our presentation will sell the homeowners on our services.  
                                           Master Bathroom
Someone once said that house hunting is a lot like speed dating. Singles meet 10 or more potential mates in an evening by having 5 minute dates with them. They start out with a list of "must-haves", such as:

1. College Educated
2. Good Value System
3. Animal Lover

But when the chemistry and emotional connection are there, the list goes out the window. We follow our hearts.

If you've been house hunting, you know what I mean. When relocating, you may have three days to find that dream house. You must see 5 to 10 houses in a day. You have your list of "must-haves", such as:

1. 3 BR/2 Baths
2. Fenced Yard
3. Near the Beach

Again, when the chemistry and emotional connection are there, the list (or part of it) sometimes goes out the window.

Such was the case when my husband and I first moved to Jacksonville in '93. The agent had finished showing us all the houses on her list for the day. Then we spent some time site seeing around the city. We drove past one lovely house for sale that was outside our desired area and a good bit above our price range. It also had a pool which we did not want. Guess what! We bought that house!

It had what I now call "Wow-Factor" appeal. I was attracted to a 16 ft. fireplace wall with French doors on either side. The homeowner had placed just the right accessories to highlight the home's best features. We decided in about 5 minutes to buy that house.

The reason I'm telling you about this...YOU CAN CREATE THAT "Wow-Factor" APPEAL IN ANY HOUSE!!! It's called staging. You only have one opportunity to make a first impression. Go for it!

Also, let me know if you are interested in any of our fall classes. They are filling up quickly. The students are coming from as far away as California, Idaho, Bermuda and Canada. Also, the online class has undergone some cool updates and is back on sale for a short time. $500. Yay!!

For Real Estate Staging Association info, go to Facebook RESA-Jax. Our next meeting is in Queens Harbour CC on the Friday, August 12th at 10:00AM till 11:45AM. Presentation by Adrienne Lord. What are Realtors Looking for in a Stager? Open to anyone interested in staging, Email for reservations.

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