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In late January of 2014, my Dad, Chuck Morgan, 92, fell asleep surrounded by loved ones and woke up in heaven. We are all very happy he never got sick nor was he uncomfortable.

This was my message to the funeral attendees:
 I want to tell you a quick story about Daddy. Mama Morgan, Daddy's mother was the daughter of a preacher. She had seven sons and three daughters. I cannot imagine what that was like.

One day, when Mama Morgan was ironing, daddy's picture fell off the mantle. Daddy was serving in the Air Force in World War II. She took that as a sign to stop and pray for him. She felt like he might be in danger. She told daddy later that she prayed almost 24 hours straight... all day and all night.

 Daddy was a radio operator on a B-52.He was trained in Morse code. The commander of the Air Force decided that his men needed to learn how to fly at night because the Germans were starting to fly at night.

So they trained at night over the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently, his navigator made some mistakes and soon they were lost over the Gulf of Mexico in the dark of night a long way from land. No GPS, no radar. Thankfully, Daddy remembered a particular part of his emergency training so he sent a message to headquarters on the base and told them what was going on. Then the radio operator at the base sent dad a beam that has a certain sound and if he heard that exact sound, he was flying in the right direction. If he heard a slightly different sound he was veering off course to the right; another slightly different sound meant they were veering to the left. He had to stay precisely in the middle. After giving Dad the instructions to get back to safety, this message was loud and clear from home base: Ride in on the Beam. Ride in on the beam. That made it sound easy.

 So he listened to the signal as if his life depended on it and of course it did. It was tedious and difficult; his hands were shaking and his heart was pounding. (it was well below zero in the plane and there was nothing to shield the sound of the engine.) But he got the plane and the crew safely back to home base. As it turned out, they only had 20 minutes of fuel left when they landed. There was a small crowd at the air base cheering for them as they arrived. The commander in charge of the base gave him a medal for his heroism for saving the crew and the plane.

We believe if Mama Morgan had not heard God's voice when the picture fell off the mantle and stopped to pray, Daddy might not have survived. If Daddy had not survived, I wouldn't be here talking to you. And you wouldn't be sitting here either.

Daddy had a wonderful life, just like George Bailey. Just look around. If you are here with us today, I do believe that this message is for you. If you are listening, God will speak to you.

There is a scripture in Isaiah 30:21 that says, "if you stray to the right or to the left you will hear a voice behind you saying this is the way walk ye in it."

So my wish for you is that you would have a wonderful life also. God has prepared a pathway for you that is specific... and fun! It's your destiny. If you are listening, he will speak to you and guide you daily.

Thank you for being with us today. And as you make your way through life to your final destination  (I hope it's where Daddy is), I encourage you remember to listen for the voice of God and "ride in on the beam".

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  1. My family is my blessing from the creator. My family is my only treasure.