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Friday, July 7, 2017

Top Tips For Staging Bookcases + Big News

Bookcases can be intimidating to tackle at times. Most of the time, my students are hesitant to start working on a cluttered display. 

This bookcase was styled by a recent class. An easy way to do it quickly, is to keep removing things till you have only the most striking items left.

We like to also "zig zag" the plants or greenery and color. Focal point pieces can be centered.

In the "before" picture (below), you can see that too many things make it difficult to enjoy the more special pieces. Less is more, as they say.

The best way to start is to remove everything and start fresh. If you are limited on time, just keep removing things till you have a few nice pieces.

There are some rules about com-
position that we teach in the class, such as, texture, color and height. But they are a bit too time-consuming
to explore here.

When there are books, we like to cover them with pretty paper, if practical, and put 1/3rd of them on the horizontal. 

Display collections and pictures, of course, if you are not selling. 

Put the tallest books and accessories on the ends and pull the books level on the front of the shelf.

The question always comes up, "Should we remove the family pictures?" For staging, we do remove most of them but I like to leave some pictures if they look professional and the family is a nice-looking, 

                                                  typical demographic for that neighborhood. If they look like the Addams Family or a biker gang, LOL, we tell them to remove all the pictures. I am serious, though.

People are curious about who lived in the house before them. They are superstitous and looking for signs that it is the perfect place for their family... or not. 

Also, minimize religious or political objects on a bookcase or coffee table. Maybe even consider removing football team memorabilia. People are so sensitive. My hubby loves his Florida team but HATES the rival team.

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