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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Elevator Speeches and the Wow-Factor Lifestyle

~One of the reasons for the November/December blog is to inspire you to create a memorable elevator speech. I participated in a lengthy Linked-In discussion recently about this topic. In case you don't know, an elevator speech is a short 15 to 30 second introduction to a new person or group. It's an opportunity to stand out in the crowd or put people to sleep.

I felt that my old introduction seemed too long. This is my new one: "Home staging and interior redesign are both new industries poised for significant growth in the 21st-century. We use cutting-edge strategies to create the Wow-factor in your home so you or a potential buyer will fall madly in love with it." 

Here's the second elevator speech which describes the training opportunity that we offer: "Many people dream about having a home-based business? Staging and Redesign are in the top ten for low cost/high return opportunities according to Entrepreneur Magazine. Transformations offers fun, informative classes to launch you into a new career as a certified professional. We help you to create the wow-factor in your business and your lifestyle.

You may notice that the word "wow-factor" is in both elevator speeches. That term is a popular buzzword right now. Use it and people will pay attention. We can all create the wow-factor in our lives. Just get up in the morning and make every decision as you go through your day with this thought in mind... "Is there a better way to do this?" or "How can I make this person/client happier?"  

Look for ways to improve every little detail of your life and business, such as... 
1. Rise early, eat a healthy breakfast and exercise instead of just sleeping late and dashing out with a donut. 
2. Use beautiful stationery to correspond with your clients and friends. 
3. Bring some goodies from Panera Bread to a meeting you are attending. 

I have a number of friends and business associates who live and breathe excellence. I know they will always be on time and prepared for a meeting. I can count on them to bring something extra or unexpected to the table. 

In the picture at the top of the page, the homeowner and stager added some fall decorations... pumpkins, crotons, mums... to the front door area. This picture was used as the MLS main shot of the house. It brought 4 buyers the first day and 2 of them made offers, one 99% of full price. The wow-factor in action.

My hubby and I visited a cute mountain getaway outside of Ashville a few years ago. It was the peak of the leaf-change season and the Amethyst Creek Cottage was more than perfect. Everything about this place excited us... the view, the sheets and towels, the flowers growing near the red front door. The one thing that brought it over the top was a gift basket with pumpkin bread and Ghiradelli chocolates. A real amethyst stone was our keepsake from the cottage owner. I keep it in a prominent location in my office to remind me on a daily basis to live the Wow-Factor life. 

In the next post, we will talk about Design Apps. Thank you all for reading the blog. We appreciate you. 

Happy Thanksgiving and Merry Christmas