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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Vision Boards

You need a vision board! There is power in visualization to help shape a positive mindset. 

I attended an all-day event yesterday, and 3 of the speakers talked about the importance of a visual image of your goals and aspirations. People who do this and define their desires clearly will enjoy 3 times the income. Wow!! That's amazing!

You can start with a corkboard and magazine clippings. Here, 
you can see a small portion of one of my boards. Add paint color samples, words that inspire, vacation destinations... anything that motivates you.

My main vision board is always right next to my desk. It is a visual reminder of why I do what I do. Why do you get up each day and work diligently at your job?

If you are not working for yourself yet, what image would motivate you to make that happen in your life?... a picture of you with your laptop on your patio with your favorite coffee mug? Take that picture and print it now. 

If you need an incentive to leap into that desire to work for yourself and decorate for profit, I am once again offering the online class at a reduced rate. 33% off for a short time. $500. Most other online certification classes are over $900. 

One of my online students from 2014 has recently been named one of the top 5 home stagers in the country by the Home Staging and Redesign Association. She has 3 employees now and is currently doing the styling and decorating for an HGTV special. Kristy, I am so proud of you! 

We are also offering a bonus gift worth $100 to the first 25 sold. Remember, it is always Money-Back Guaranteed. Why not now! Why not you! It's time to push through the fear and leap.