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Thursday, May 16, 2013

HGTV Smart House in Jacksonville Beach


This is part of the kitchen in the HGTV Smart House in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. It will be open for viewing for the next 2 weeks. It is located at the old Florida style neighborhood called Paradise Key. The builder is Glen Layton and the whole development is laidback and casual.

The understated master bedroom and bath make use of natural, organic materials and colors found in nature. Greens and browns created a soothing atmosphere for the lucky winner of the house.

The main color theme is spa blue, actually Watery from Sherwin Williams, and orange. Lots of glass tile and island accessories. The art, mainly from local artists, added more pops of color. Large black and white photographs from the area's past beach history covered the entry hallway.


If you go, bring your camera. They allow picture taking. It's $20 and the parking is free. It's just around the corner from A1A and Jacksonville Dr. You will love it.
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