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Monday, March 31, 2014

The Wow-Factor Lifestyle

The WOW-Factor Lifestyle is a topic that comes up over and over. It can encompass everything you do and everything you believe. I am thrilled that concept is making a difference in my students' businesses and also in Transformations.

Here are a few recent reports of "over-the-top" success stories:

*Irene from Massachusetts just finished the class in January. She writes,"We staged a house that had been on the market 6 months with no offers. The owners invested $7000 to update and relisted the house at $42,000 above its last reduced price. Pictures went on MLS at 10:30AM and it sold right after the first showing at 9:30AM the next day for almost full price."

*Sherry, who is an agent stager and Transformations graduate from our area, sold 23 houses last year, ALL WITHIN 3 DAYS!!! If you would like a list of our local agents who stage, let me know.

*Gunilla, who is an agent who uses our staging services, reports on an Avondale house, "We put the house on the market on Friday, had 4 showings on Saturday and Sunday and sold it on Monday for full price. 

*Chris, who used Transformations for his home in Marsh Landing, says, "I listed it Saturday, got 4 showings on Sunday, 2 offers on Monday and it sold for 99% of full price on Tuesday. Everyone said the house was beautiful."

*Shawn, an agent who also uses our staging services, comments on several properties, "We sold the house for $30,000 more than any house in her neighborhood has ever sold for. Another house had been on the market with a different realtor for 9 months with no offers. Then we got an offer in 24 hours after staging."

Every house mentioned here got the Wow-Factor treatment in one way or another. The students from our school learn about creating it in their business and also their personal lifestyle. What have you done lately to "go the extra mile" for your clients?
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*Last month, we got the notification that we won the Best of Houzz for 2013 through 2014. The official badge will be up on the website by this week-end. We are so pleased to be chosen from the 16 million profiles on Houzz in the design and staging industries.