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Thursday, June 14, 2012

"There's No Place Like Home Staging" Pictures, etc.

First Day
Our 1st Annual Advanced 2-day Staging Class was a smash hit!!
Everyone left euphoric and excited about all the possibilities out there now in our wonderful world of Staging and Redesign. Our speakers gave us all wonderful ideas and inspiration.

Wally Sears
Thank you to Jerry Busche, Wally Sears, Mary Habres, Donna Mancini, Cyndi Rice and Nina Shivley.
Mary Habres We learned about:  taking professional photos, websites and SEO, marketing, Social Media, defining our mission statement and elevator speech, and vacant home staging.

The content was amazing and "way above expectations" according to many attendees. I have all of it on audio and some video. It will take a few weeks to edit, etc. and have it ready. I will let you know.

Donna Mancini
Remember at the end of the movie, Glinda told Dorothy that she had the power all along. I think we just need to be reminded how talented and valuable we really are. We are already planning our next event. So girls, let your ruby red slippers take you to new and exciting adventures in business. And remember that we need a heart(love), a brain(wisdom) and some courage(faith) if we are to find our way back home.
Dinner at Billy's Boathouse Grill


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